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Undergraduate Programs in Vietnamese language

The standard undergraduate programs (teaching – learning in Vietnamese, except for majors in languages) are offered to train engineers / bachelors / architects / pharmacists with full-time training at undergraduate level; and they meet the program outcome standards leveled 6/8 according to Vietnam national qualification framework; meet the program outcome standards announced by the University and meet integration requirements in the region and the world.

TDTU's undergraduate programs are developed in accordance with standards and references to the programs of the world's best TOP 100 universities evaluated by the rankings of QS and THE (called the Top 100 Program). The Top 100 program helps students become more active and self-sufficient as well as allowing them to approach the latest academic training grounds in the world and have complete learning materials and reference system in English. The programs’ content also utilizes the activities of groupwork, the practice of actively learning habits and enables creative thinking for students to be proactive and ready for development opportunities.

The undergraduate programs have a standard training period of 4 years and 5 years particularly for the majors in Pharmacy and Chinese language (Chinese-English specialization). However, the programs are implemented according to the credit system so students can adjust the training schedule (shorter or longer) to suit their own abilities and conditions.

University graduates of the standard program must meet the academic standards announced by the University [English skills (achieving international B1 level, IELTS certificate with an overall band of 5.0 or other equivalent international certificate), office information skills (MOS certificate with 750/ 1000 points), soft skills, discipline, collective awareness, students’ attitudes to willingness, and professional practice skills must meet practical requirements, etc]. From 2017 onwards, the University has made the commitment to parents and learners that 100% of graduates of TDTU's undergraduate level will get a job within 12 months of graduation.

The cross-campus program (at TDTU in Nha Trang and Bao Loc for the first 2 years).

The undergraduate standard program having 40 programs:

1. Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

21. Mechatronics Engineering

2. Environmental engineering technology

22. Labor Relations

3. Biotechnology

23. Sport Management- Sport Business and Event Organization major

4. Social work

24. Business Administration - Human Resources major

5. Pharmacy

25. Marketing

6. Accounting

26. Business Administration - Hospitality Management major

7. Computer science

27. Regional and Urban Planning

8. Environmental Science

28. Finance and Banking

9. Architecture

29. Industrial Design

10. International Business

30. Interior Design

11. Civil Engineering

31. Fashion Design

12. Chemical Engineering

32. Graphic Design

13. Software Engineering

33. Statistics

14. Transportation Construction Engineering

34. Applied Mathematics

15. Electronics and Telecomunication Engineering

35. Computer Networks and Data Communiacations

16. Electrical Engineering

36. Vietnamese Studies - Tourism and Travel Services specialization

17. Automation and Control Engineering

37. Vietnamese studies – Tourism and tourism management

18. Laws

38. Sociology

19. English

39. Vietnamese Study - major in Vietnamese Language

20. Mandarin Chinese - Chinese major

40. Golf

*** Ton Duc Thang University organized academic programs in the direction of rotating from our Campuses, in which the first two years students will study at Ton Duc Thang University in Nha Trang, Bao Loc under the standard academic program, this is applicable to all full-time students. Lecturers from Ho Chi Minh campus will teach directly. Candidates can refer here.