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Utilities at TDTU

  1. The campus: is fully equipped with facilities such as air conditioning system, sound system, and projectors. There are laboratories, simulation rooms available for all majors.

  2. Creative Building: for students of Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, Architecture, and Electrical – Electronics to promote their creativity.

  3. Creative Language Building: specially designed for learning activities of foreign languages, adopt innovative teaching and learning technology towards developing learners’ potentials and thinking.

  4. Inspirational library:  include a 24-hour self-study zone and 7-floor study area with management systems like those of Harvard University Library, Cambridge, and Oxford.

  5. International Education Center: serving foreign experts and International students. Don’t miss "The Little UK" with English learning experience to become a global citizen.

  6. 5-star dormitory: full facilities on campus. Students use the magnetic card security system. Swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, fitness center, yoga studio, etc. are available to meet the students' needs of studies, recreation and training.

  7. Multi-purpose stadium: With portable stadium system and capacity of 3,000 seats, this is where students can practice badminton, martial arts, etc. as well as organizing big events.

  8. FIFA 2-star stadium: with 7,000 seats, 1200lux lighting system to meet the needs of live broadcast at night. It is also a place for students to practice soccer.

  9. Swimming Pool: 6 swimming lanes to meet the need of 100 participants at the same time. Swimming is compulsory at TDTU.

  10. A wide range of physical education activities for students to choose from: football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, chess, fitness, martial arts (Vovinam, Taekwondo, Karate and Muay Thai)

  11. Nearly 60 teams / team clubs: help students develop skills while enjoying the same passion.

  12. Bus system: The bus stop on campus provides students with easy access to transportation.